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    Earning money with Mobile App Reseller is possible. If you want this, then it is wise to think of this before you make an application. Why? The revenue model that you choose determines for a (large) part how an app will look and work. Read today How To Make Money By Selling Apps.


    Do You Understand Why That Is?


    Suppose you want to make a game. As an earnings model, you opt for in-app purchases. This must be built into the app, and it is easiest if you do this in advance. Of course, this can also be done after the application is built, but it usually only makes for more work. The app will then have to be adjusted, and that will cost extra time and money. By thinking about this beforehand, you can save that! (Google Docs)


    What Revenue Models Are There For Apps?


    There are various revenue models that you can link to apps. Below are the three most commonly used revenue models, and we also give you some tips.


    1. Paid App


    Many apps are offered for free in the app stores, but it is also possible to offer your application pays. You then determine the price that has to be paid. If someone wants to download your app, then this person will first have to pay for it.

    You will then deposit this amount into your account. Keep in mind that you will not receive the full amount. You only get 70 percent, because the big app stores all hold 30 percent of the total amount. Click here to find Android App Maker Online Free.


    You can put your application, for example 1 euro for sale. If the app is downloaded 30,000 times, the total turnover is 30,000 $. Of that amount is 21,000 dollars for you and 9,000 dollars goes to the app store. To successfully use this business model, you will have to create an app that people really want to use. Nobody is going to pay for an app that you have nothing on!


    2. In-App Purchases


    In-app purchases are purchases that users can make in apps. This earnings model is becoming increasingly popular, and some large companies now earn their money in this way. This earnings model can work very well in games. How? Many games can be downloaded for free. If visitors then play the game and start sticking, then they can, for example, receive additional lives or time against payment.


    That this earnings model can work very well, is evident from the success story of Candy Crush Saga. This is a familiar game in which combinations with sweets have to be made. The application can be downloaded for free, but in the game you only have a limited number of lives. When your lives are gone, you can buy new lives in the app. In this way, a lot of money is made with the game.


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    3. Advertisements


    Of course, there is also the possibility to make money with advertisements. These ads are placed in your application, and you get paid for this. This is also a revenue model that is widely used. There are several ad networks that are specifically aimed at smartphones and tablets. Here you can sign up and then you can place ads in your app. Users of your application will then see these ads.


    4. Other Revenue Models


    The above revenue models are the most used, but that does not mean that there are no other ways to obtain income. It is also possible, for example, to link a subscription to your application. This way you have fixed income every month. Or you can offer an application for free, but allow people to pay if they want to use certain (premium) functions.


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    Which earnings model can you use best? It depends on the application itself, which revenue model you can use best. The one app will earn more with ads and the other with in-app purchases. It is therefore difficult to say which earnings model you can choose best. Of course, you do not have much of that here!


    As a tip we want to give you that you can look at apps from competitors. See how they make money with their application. This can help you to choose a revenue model. There is, by the way, no wrong earnings model. You do not want to choose wrong. The one earnings model only yields more than the other. If the revenue is disappointing, you can always test other revenue models and switch if necessary.